Road to 2012: Changing Pace

Portraits of Olympic sports stars unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery
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An exhibition of portraits of Olympic athletes and key organisers of the London 2012 games has just opened at the National Portrait Gallery.

The set of specially commissioned photographs by Emma Hardy and Finlay Mackay includes portraits of Britain’s sporting hopefuls for the Olympic and Paralympic Games alongside their friends and helpers, as well as renowned athletes and key organisers in staging the huge event.

“[We] very much hope that the project will inspire visitors, whether through the website or in the Gallery itself,” said Sandy Nairne, director of the National Portrait Gallery.

The new exhibition, which is co-commissioned by BT, continues the narrative of last year’s Road to 2012: Setting Out exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

This is the second exhibition in a cycle of three, the last of which will be held to coincide with the sporting event next year.

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Until 25 September 2011.