Standing room only: A modern human portrait

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An exhibition of full-body portraits opened at the Flowers gallery in London this week. Depicting the human shape in its different forms - male, female, clothed, naked, twisted, aggressive or impassive, varied works by 15 artists reveal what makes us unique.

Claerwen James, Ken Currie and Ishbel Myerscough are among the contributors to ‘Standing Room Only,’ a modern look at the tradition of portrait painting and in particular the human physique as a whole.

The portraits exhibited attack traditional representations of the body as beautiful; instead the show offers twisted, confrontational physicality that is at once seductive and repellent.

Boshier’s ‘The Bride’ is faceless, wearing conventional white lace in stark contrast to a blood-red background. John Kirby’s ‘Transfiguration’ is a grotesque, yet appealing, portrayal of a little boy wearing girl’s ballet tights and slippers, set against a sublime backdrop. Alison Watt’s ‘Disposition of Linen’ is overtly sexual, yet the draped fabrics and discarded flowers and wreaths are reminiscent of more classical poses.

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‘Standing Room Only’ is at the Flowers Gallery in London until 4 September,