Unseen Dali: Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures

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Rare works by the Surrealist master Salvador Dali go on show at the Modern Masters Gallery at its new premises in Cork Street, London from tomorrow.

More than 40 works, including sculptural pieces and paintings, drawings and watercolours never exhibited in the UK before, have been sourced for the exhibition from private collections by gallery curators.

The exhibition also features some of Dali’s most recognisable sculptures, including a version of his iconic Lobster Telephone, the Buste de Femme Retrospectif (pictured) and T he Shoe; Surrealist Object with a Symbolic Function.

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One of the curators, Enrique Sabater y Bonany, Dali’s personal secretary and friend, remarked:

“I got to know Salvador Dali and his wife Gala in early 1968 and I kept up this exceptional friendship for 12 years…as a curator of the exhibition, it gives me great please to be able to offer you this collection of original works as a demonstration of the dreams, the memories and the visions of that impassioned son of the Mediterranean.”

The Unseen Dali: Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures is at the Modern Masters Gallery, London from December 2 until February 28 2011. For further information visit modernmastersgallery.com