Banksy's 'Parachuting Rat' accidentally ruined by Australian builder


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A work by guerrilla artist Banksy has been accidentally ruined by a Australian builder after he drilled through it to put in a bathroom pipe.

'The Parachuting Rat' was painted by the artist about 15 years ago on a wall in Prahran suburb of Melbourne.

It is now the third piece by Banksy to be destroyed in Melbourne in just two years. One of his artworks was painted over in 2010 as part of a council clean-up. Another was damaged by vandals.

In recent years Banky's work has become a celebrity must-have with stars and collectors paying thousands for his work.

Tina McKenzie, a Melbourne resident, told Australia's Network Ten she had lived above Banksy's Parachuting Rat for almost ten years.

“Anybody that understands street art and recognises it as more than just vandalism understands that it is something we need to preserve,” she said.

This week residents of Whymark Avenue, near Turnpike lane in London awoke to find what is widely thought to be the latest Banksy.

It depicts a child making Jubilee bunting in a sweatshop.

Banksy, who has made a fortune from his work, is thought to have produced the art in the early hours of Tuesday morning, aided by two collaborators.