Be careful not to tread on little Lucian Freud

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Watch your step outside the National Portrait Gallery next week, you might trip over Lucian Freud.

A 7in statue of the artist and the subject of his record-breaking painting Benefits Supervisor Sleeping “Big Sue” (now Small Sue) reclining on a sofa  in the nude will be placed somewhere in Trafalgar Square from Monday.

The street artist Marcus Crocker has made tiny models of artists who fled persecution to mark the British Red Cross’ Refugee Week. Freud escaped from Nazi Germany in 1933.

A mini Richard Rogers (who fled Trieste in 1939) will be hidden near the Millennium Dome while Freddie Mercury (who fled the Zanzibar revolution at 17) will stand guard outside the Dominion Theatre, home of the Queen musical, We Will Rock You.

Would you pass Channel 4's new morality test?

A controversial new hidden camera show on Channel 4 will aim to put British morals to the test. Eye Spy, which starts on 27th June, sets out to explore if Britain really is great by spying on the public’s reaction to various testing situations. Will anyone step into to silence a racist waiter in a restaurant? Who’d obey a “Male Only” sign above a parking space? And what to do if a cashpoint spews out £10 notes you never asked for? Stephen Fry will offer views from the moral high ground, as the show’s narrator.

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