Dismaland: The artists doing cooler things than Banksy at his 'bemusement park'

More than 50 artists from around the world have been invited to take part in Banksy's latest show at Weston-super-Mare. Take a look at their contributions

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Some familiar and not-so-familiar names have been invited to take part in Banksy's Dismaland, the artist's first UK show in six years.

From Damien Hirst's pickled unicorn to Jimmy Cauty's miniature scenes of police violence and displacement, there's a whole lot more to see at Dismaland than just Banksy's Cinderella castle.


Damien Hirst - Pickled unicorn:

Bill Barminski - Cardboard security entrance:


Picture: Reuters

Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips - David Cameron 'one percent' billboard:

Picture: PA

Dietrich Wegner - Mushroom cloud :


Jimmy Cauty - 'The Aftermath Displacement Principle':

Brock Davis - Ice cream high heel:

Caroline McCarthy - Recycled plant pots:

Darren Cullen - Childhood gone wrong:

El Teenen - Egyptian Muslims kissing:

Escif - Broken Statue of Liberty  & Selfish seagulls:

Huda Beydoun - Disney figures in the desert:

Jani Leinonen - Dystopian cereal:

Jessica Harrison - Tattooed porcelain dolls:

Maskull Lasserre - Skeletal merry go round:

Michael Beitz - Bog roll bench:

Nettie Wakefield - Busker hair drawings:

Ronit Baranga - Creepy crockery:

Scott Hove - Lion's teeth wall mount:

Wasted Rita - Angry feminist posters :




And the works by Banksy...

Banksy - Seagull attacks woman:


Banksy - Cinderella recreates Princess Diana's death:


Banksy - Killer whale:


Banksy - Migrant boat pond: