Eerie images take a look into Britain's forgotten buildings

Urban explorer and photographer Andrew Marland has captured the ghostly beauty of the country's abandoned architecture

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Between the strips of peeling paint, the crack of broken glass; history still breathes steady within the deathly silences of long-forgotten rooms. 

Urban explorer and photographer Andrew Marland has captured the haunting beauty of Britain's abandoned buildings, gaining access to a disused fire station on Manchester's London Road, which has remained untouched for 40 years, to document the slow decay of the building's training rooms, dormitories, and club rooms. 

The artist also explored the hallways of London's old St. Clement's hospital, which is set to be converted into flats next year; as well as the Asylum church in Peckham and the Crossness Pumping Station, which is currently undergoing restoration. 

All the photos were shot on a Samsung Galaxy S7, as part of O2's launch for the handset and as a demonstration of its low-light capabilities, thanks to its brighter lens and larger pixel image sensor. O2 is set to exhibit the work in their new concept stores opening on Manchester's Market Street and London's Westfield White City shopping centre. 

You can view more of Marland's work as part of his The View From the North project here.