New York photo series looks at our carnal relationship with cities

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In an age where dating apps let you know which humans within a slim radius might want to have sex with you, the sexuality of the city is more potent than ever.

Bars are hook-up spots, subway systems are where eyes meet and doorways serve as make-out spots during drunken stumbles in the night.

It’s all veiled though, millions of citizens’ throbbing lust buried under traffic lights and newsstands and coffee chains.

Fashion photographer Nikola Tamindzic has sought to de-cloak it however, quite literally, in his new series Fucking New York.

Taking the phrase literally, it sees women in various throws of passion in public, writhing on fire hydrants and felating railings.

The series has a manicness to it reminiscent of American Psycho, and at times a sadness - isolated as the subjects are. It’s all set in New York, but could easily be any major city.

Following a lot of popularity and press coverage for the series, Tamindzic is now trying to turn the series into a 256-page coffee table book on Kickstarter, with input from adult performer Stoya, music critic Sasha Frere-Jones and activist Molly Crabapple.

Fucking New York echoes Naked in New York, another photographer’s exploration of her city naked which asks: ‘Why do we actually need clothes?’

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