Illustrator captures the simple joys of being single

'I like to show women who exist in solitude but do not suffer'

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In an online world of sepia-tinted pictures of couples with love quotes laid over the top in italic font, Mexico-based illustrator Idalia Candelas is drawing women who are quite content in being alone.

Her sketch series ‘Postmodern Loneliness’ was created using pencil, ink and watercolour and draws on the time she spent living alone in Mexico City.

What’s so great about the scenes is that they don't depict wild nights out and casual sex - things usually exalted when it comes to singledom - but simple, peaceful, day-to-day moments.

One sees a woman lounging with her legs lying carefree up the wall, another drinking a cool glass of water in the kitchen in her underwear and another having a casually pensive cigarette.

“The theme of the loneliness has been recurring in my drawings,” Candelas told Mic. “I like to show women who exist in solitude but do not suffer. They are not depressed or crying. Rather [they] are safe, exalting in the sense of enjoying the company of just herself.”

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