This artist makes leather clothes and furniture that look like flesh

'Artists are trying out new roles, such as philosopher, scientist, doctor or perhaps even engineer'

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Chinese artist Cao Hui grew bored of describing his sculptures by their appearances, so decided to  gut them and imagine what their insides might look like.

He created a gruesome set of exhibits for Lin Lin Gallery that look straight out of one of David Cronenberg’s nightmares, featuring armchairs sliced open with their entrails spilling out and a particularly disturbing fatty jacket.

More carefully executed than Lady Gaga’s meat dress, the corporeal items aren’t suppose to carry a message, it’s all an aesthetic thing.



“Increasingly uneasy and dissatisfied with merely describing surface appearances, artists now attempt to plumb the inner reaches of things; an agenda that apparently moves into science or other fields,” Hui said in a statement.

“It seems artists are no longer happy just being artists, but are driven by their inborn love of performance to try out new roles, such as philosopher, scientist, doctor or perhaps even engineer.”




Find out more about the collection here.

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