Attending one of Pippa Middleton's Friday night feasts? Grab a kebab on the way home

Kate Middleton's sisters new column is sweet and entertaining - but the four courses look unlikely to fill you up

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Pippa Middleton’s first book Celebrate might have royally flopped (having been described by one reviewer as written for “some sort of halfwit hostess who can’t bake a potato”) but the aunt to Britain’s next royal progeny has bounced back with a new column in Waitrose magazine - the first instalment of which hit shelves today.

Opening with a line that will provide fodder for the @Pippatips twitter account (which repeats the most simplistic suggestions from her debut tome), the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister tells us: “Friday night is the perfect time to cook”. Of course, thanks Pippa!

Revealing that even if she’s exhausted and feels like flopping in front of the telly after a hard week at work she can “put off being tired until Saturday” and will roll up her sleeves and get cooking, she talks us through the excitement of whipping up an Asian-fusion. “I can feel the Friday energy already: friends released from work, hair down, ties loosened and heels clattering in an excited scramble – especially to my place!” she enthuses.

Her advice is spread over five pages: the recipes look and sound delicious, seem simple enough to make and are accompanied by pictures of Pippa in an apron looking house-wifely and good fun (her famous derriere modestly covered up in a floral frock). What’s not to like? My only concern was that despite the four separate courses (sushi rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls, hoisin duck rolls and sake jellies) there doesn’t seem to be a lot of food on offer. My tip for anyone attempting one of Pippa’s Friday night ‘feasts’? Double the quantities. Or get a kebab on the way home.

The column sweetly includes some insights into P-Middy land. She describes her student days at Edinburgh University slumming it by, er, making sushi: “I convinced my flatmates to help, promising we’d prepare it in front of the rugby on TV that afternoon.” She even includes tips for us plebs who don’t own a bamboo rolling mat: “Just use clingfilm.”

Pippa’s top tips:

"Get ahead by making the jellies the night before"

 “Paper lanterns, fairy lights and floating candles can set the mood”

“The coconut cream here adds sweetness”

“I know few people who would turn down a hoisin duck roll”

“Soften angular Asian-style tableware with bursts of bright flowers”