'Girls' on page: Lena Dunham’s hit HBO TV show gets a chick-lit homage


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Such is the popularity of Girls, Lena Dunham’s show about four young women living in Brooklyn, that it has already led to a copycat reality television show (in production) and a bus tour.

Now comes a series of novels semi-inspired by the HBO hit. Brooklyn Girls, by Gemma Burgess, is not affiliated with the show, but you can bet its publisher is hoping to attract its fans.

Brooklyn Girls’ premise is pretty familiar: a group of graduates trying to make it in the big city mess up at work and wake up next to people they wish they hadn’t woken up next to.

The central character, Pia, works in the glossy world of PR (a world away from the temp jobs Dunham’s character, Hannah, takes), she does gets major hipster points after she’s fired and starts a food truck.

It’s unlikely Dunham will be a fan. In an interview with The New York Times about her reading habits last year, she spoke of a predilection for the works of David Sedaris and Vladimir Nabokov and a severe aversion to chick-lit.