OMG! Shit Girls Say transformed from internet sensation into glossy coffee table book

From meme to print

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Like OMG (squeal!). It’s just totes amaze that Shit Girls Say has been turned into a book.

It started out as a Twitter feed ( @shitgirlssay) amassing 1.6m+ followers so far, by repeating verbatim remarks made by the fairer sex. Recent 140 character delights delivered to us lucky #shitgirlssay disciples include: “Sometimes I think I’m too good of a friend” and “She knew I was saving that name for my baby!”

Its popularity soon spawned a YouTube channel with a bloke called Graydon Sheppard dressed in a wig spouting nuggets of wisdom in his bestest cutesy voice. It is really very funny (even if, like me, you baulk at its decidedly gendered mocking premise)  and the channel has so far gleaned over 30m views, 11m Google hits and an alleged 700 imitators. There is even a dedicated website: Perez Hilton, with whom it is impossible to argue, says: "It’s the new best thing. It may even be our new favourite thing."

But in the way of this topsy-turvy  ‘digital first’ world we now live in (don’t ask me what it’s all about, I’m just a girl), the print medium, ahem,  is now trying to capitalise on the Shit Girls Say meme.  Sheppard (the bloke in the wig) and his mate Kyle Humphrey have turned the fruits of their endeavours into a glossy coffee table book (4TheState, £14.99) using clever (and so darling) graphics to illustrate each saying.


Click here or on “View Gallery” to see some of the funniest sayings

And watch the YouTube video below


Shit Girls Say is out now; there will be a launch at KK Outlet 27 September,