The Word On: Penguin's twitterature

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Twitterature: The World's Greatest books Retold Through Twitter, is an irreverent, profane and sometimes brilliant collection...The Tweets of (authors) Emmett Rensin and Alexander Aciman combine the knowledge of an English major with the snarky shorthand of a teenager's text message"


"Rensen and Aciman claim (their idea) was an 'epiphany'. It rather sounds like a brain fart to me. Twitter, they reason...has refined to its purest form the instant publishing, short attention span, self-important age of info-deluge that is the essence of our contemporary world. What better than combine (literature and Twitter)? After all, who has the time to read those big, long books anymore? Do I really need to comment on this? Come the fall, I'll be sitting by a nice cozy fire, reading a big, long book"

"Hats off to Emmett Rensin and Alex Aciman for coming out with Twitterature. Its a brilliant idea to get a snapshot of great literature. This will make people read literature which is seen as boring by many in nintendo wii generation."

Ambarish Mitra,

"Wow, yet another excuse for people not to read an actual book...sad"