The Word On: The Lost Symbol

We've been waiting quite a long time for [Dan Brown's] book and I fear that with such high expectations combined with such a long wait, this... is a prime candidate for a let-down. It's hard to imagine how Langdon's exploits can match the last two books without turning him into a Bond-esque caricature.

Bruce Hollingdrake (

Brown is publishing yet another schlockumentary posing as literature? Thanks for the warning. I... will avoid it like the plague. I am certain it will be as riddled with factual lies and fictional truths as his previous efforts.

Michelle Miles (

Hats off to Brown. For any writer, it would be a frightening prospect asked to come up with a book to match probably the biggset surprise monster hit in publishing history. The temptation to quit while he was ahead and never try and match 'The Da Vinci Code' must have been enormous, but I admire his courage at having a crack at it.

Neill Denny (

'The Lost Symbol' is going to be nowhere as controversial as 'The Da Vinci Code'. I don't think Dan Brown can make it more controversial even if he wanted to... simply because I can't imagine Freemasonry... being a topic more explosive than Jesus.