Reginald D Hunter: The smart stand-up having the last laugh


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Reginald D Hunter, a comedian whose shtick is race, has responded to demands to return his fee after apparently compromising the fragile morals of an audience of football dignitaries by making jokes about race, as we reported on Wednesday.

Hunter posted photographs in a Facebook folder called "The PFA Awards – the horrible aftermath" after the Professional Footballers' Association awards dinner.

The images show the grinning comedian posing with people barely managing to contain their outrage. The first features Hunter and an unnamed, smiling attendee. The caption reads: "Reginald D Hunter and this chap discuss what went wrong this evening."

Jason Roberts, the Reading striker who campaigns against racism in football, poses with Hunter alongside the words: "Reginald D Hunter and this disgusted PFA attendee prepare to entertain the PFA after-party with a re-enactment of the fight scene from Django Unchained."

The US-born comedian's brilliant riposte came as he faced fresh criticism for doing his job. The London Speaker Bureau, which booked the comedian, backed the PFA's position of outrage, insisting it had discussed with the association what language would be "acceptable" before the dinner.

But Hunter, having the last laugh, had already posted photos of the gig itself, which he renamed "Irony's Annual Night Off". Under a photo of him taking a sip from a glass before an apparently entertained audience, he writes: "Reginald D Hunter washing out the dirty taste of racism with a little ginger ale."