Simon Usborne

Simon Usborne is a features writer at The Independent and i.

An abducted child tells the story of her stolen life, 30 years later

Sarah-Cecilie Finkelstein was 13 when she saw her own picture on a missing persons ad. Shocked, she came to realise that she had been abducted by her father as a toddler. Thirty years later, she and her mother are reunited and their story is being told in a new film. Simon Usborne meets the women who missed so much

Trade unions are finding new ways to compel employers to act

Changes in the workplace, the law and public attitudes have robbed trade unions of membership and influence. But in today’s labour market, the low-paid need them more than ever. Simon Usborne asks how the comrades are rising to the challenge

Professor Robert Winston on the beauty of intestinal tracts

I've spent a lifetime looking down a microscope and there are things that still make me gasp Watching cells pass through a tiny vessel, or dividing and proliferating, or white cells engulfing other cells or bits of dirt: there's something totally fascinating about that kind of movement.

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Tortoises are the rabbits of the reptile world

A couple recently revealed that they lured back a lost pet by playing a video of hot reptile action. Simon Usborne peeps into the libidinous lives of nature’s ultimate sex maniacs