Modernist dream, dystopian nighmare

From the post-war utopian vision of 'streets in the sky' to the image of crack addicts lurking in the shadows of urine-stinking stairwells, tower blocks have always divided public opinion. They are back again but this time, asks David Barnett, are they here to stay? 

Heard the one about the wooden skyscraper?

The London skyline is becoming increasingly dominated by tall towers made of steel and glass. Now something more extraordinary has been suggested to join the Shard, the Gherkin and even the Cheesegrater: a giant skyscraper made of wood.

How designers could be building better UK prisons

The Government's plans to close Victorian gaols in towns isn't just a chance for urban redevelopment, it's an opportunity to build prisons on a more human scale, with natural light and better facilities. It's happening across Europe, but could a new generation of nicks become the norm here? Oliver Bennett gives his verdict.