Vampires: From freak to chic

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In literature vampires are terrifying, shadowy figures who "vant to suck your blood", and whose heads need to be cut off and stuffed with garlic to prevent them returning from the dead. But in cinema vamps appear to be, well vampish.

Since Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series hit the silver screens vampires have become heartbreakers. They are no-longer something you fear flying into your bedroom at night, but something little girls stick posters of on their bedroom walls.

The original Nosferatu made in 1922 was terribly frightening (not to mention unattractive) with his pale face, bald head and weird withering looks.

Although vampires are stereotypically well dressed there has been a transformation in their cinematic history from freak to chic.

We take a look at the changing face of vampires on our screens.

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