What to expect at Cannes 2016

For cinephiles, the festival is an oasis, one of the few places in which cinema is still regarded as an art and not just as a business

The 5 best sequels to classic novels

Author Chet Williamson has written an authorised sequel to Robert Bloch's Psycho. Here, he looks at other sequels that honour the original works while bringing new life to them

Why [spoiler] should have stayed dead in Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman, a rightly panned film which felt like an adaptation of a trading card game in the way that superheroes were just parachuted in with no proper character depth or development and made to perform their special moves before departing, ended [spoilers ahead, but the movie’s been out for two weeks now] with Superman getting nuked in space (survived) and stabbed by Doomsday (killed).