Big, bigger, biggest: Comparison chart shows the relative sizes of machines and monsters from the worlds of gaming and film

Could Japanese Godzilla beat American Godzilla? And how big is the Starship Enterprise? At last, some answers...

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It’s a question that has confounded the best schoolboy minds for decades. Now, however, there seems to be an answer to that perennial riddle: which Godzilla, Japanese or American, would win in a barney? The monster from the Land of the Rising Sun, it seems, takes the day.

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Or at least that’s the conclusion most people have drawn from a baddie comparison chart a DeviantART user has drawn up (Japanese Godzilla is way bigger, FYI). The infographic, which has unsurprisingly gone viral, shows the relative sizes of all the most famous machines and monsters from the worlds of gaming and film by placing them, for scale, next to a pixel-sized human, the Sydney Opera House, the Titanic and, for good measure, the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Unusually for the world of high geekery, there seems to be widespread consensus that the author, a 16-year-old American who goes by the handle, Lexinator117, has done a pretty accurate job.

The result is an eye-opener. I mean, had you even heard of the Reaper Destroyers from the game Mass Effect 3? No? Well, listen up – it turns out they are the biggest baddies in the sci-fi playground (they’re even larger than the Starship Enterprise, which I thought was massive, but turns out to be smaller than the Titanic).

That’s not the only world-rocker either. Those huge-looking AT-AT walkers from Star Wars turn out to be smaller than the Statue of Liberty. And King Kong... pah, he’s absolutely tiny.