Brad Pitt donates £700 to local neonatal ward while filming zombie movie in Devon

The A-lister left one fundraiser 'completely dumbstruck'

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Brad Pitt contributed £700 to a charity fundraiser while shooting apocalyptic zombie movie World War Z in Dorset.

The 48-year-old actor who, along with his wife Angelina Jolie, is a big supporter of Unicef, left one bucket shaker “completely dumbstruck” when he made the donation to Southampton hospital neonatal unit.

Tricia Wilson-Hughes, who works in a gift shop in Lulworth, was collecting funds for the baby unit where her friend’s infant was cared for after suffering from gastroschisis – a condition where the intestinal wall sticks out of the body.

She approached the film crew after they passed the shop where she works.  The team contributed around £40 and when Wilson-Hughes spotted Pitt’s security guard she asked for a donation.

"[The guard] came back about 10 minutes later and said this is off Brad for your charity,”  Wilson-Hughes told the BBC.

"He said there's £700 in there, I couldn't believe it, I was completely dumbstruck. He said if he had more he would have given it. I said honestly that is more than enough, but if he wants to do anything in the future that is absolutely fine.”

Wilson-Hughes added: "You hear negative stories about A-listers but I won't hear a wrong word against him, I am in awe of him."