Cara Delevingne might be the main villain in Suicide Squad, not Jared Leto

Delevingne plays witch Enchantress while Leto tackles the iconic role of Joker

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Jared Leto might have been hogging most of the Suicide Squad attention so far with his fresh take on The Joker, but rumour has it that the film's main villain is an altogether less likely candidate.

Fans already know that supermodel turned actress Cara Delevingne will play witch Enchantress in the movie, but website Heroic Hollywood has gone one step further and put it out there that actually, she might just be the first major female villain in a superhero blockbuster.

Writers have speculated that the reason Enchantress does not appear in the team shots is because it is them against her in the storyline. The character made her debut in DC's sci-fi anthology Strange Adventures in 1966, when she joined secret government agency Suicide Squad on the proviso that she tone down her evil. Enchantress, also known as June Moone, then mysteriously disappeared for years.



The theory follows that the team are sent on a mission to stop Enchantress resurrecting her dead brother and wreaking havoc, and it does make sense that she's the antagonist judging by the recent Comic Con trailer. Enchantress certainly seems up to no good, what with all that creeping around and bathing in bog in front of a pentagram.

Obviously this is all completely unconfirmed, with producers keeping what's actually going down as secret as possible.

You'll have to wait until 5 August 2016, when Suicide Squad reaches UK cinemas following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next year.