Daniel Radcliffe on farting corpse film Swiss Army Man: 'It's exciting using farts to make people super uncomfortable'

The Harry Potter Star added: 'I loved the physical challenge'

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The headline’s screamed: “Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's latest role as farting corpse with an erection prompts audience walk out”. 

Could this be the weirdest story to ever come out of Sundance Film Festival? The film in question was Swiss Army Man, which tells the story of a man befriending a corpse played by the Harry Potter star.

"If you read the headlines, they're just amazing. I couldn't have written them better myself,” the film’s co-director Daniel Kwan said while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I love that it's this perverse and mad," Radcliffe added. "It's exciting, to be honest, using farts other than comedy, like using them for plot and emotion and making some people super uncomfortable. There is something wonderful about it.”

The 26-year-old actor went on to say how he “loved the physical challenge” of playing the corpse: “I loved seeing how painful I could make things look”.

“[The script] was great and original and exciting and completely mad, and unlike anything else I’ve ever done or read.”

According to the synopsis, Paul Dano’s character befriends a dead body (Radcliffe) which has washed ashore, and eventually rides it out to sea propelled by the stream of farts emanating from the cadaver.

Responses were mixed, with Esquire calling it "the longest fart joke in film history”. Read our full report on the walkouts and responses, here.