Fifty Sheds of Grey: The parody trailer steamier than the Fifty Shades movie

Teaser includes power lube, dripping hoses and a rather steamy shed

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A parody trailer for the Fifty Sheds of Grey books series shows just how “dirty” one can be at the bottom of the garden.

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Based on CT Grey’s third book, the trailer for Three in A Shed indulges every fantasy complete with power lube, dripping hoses and a steamy shed.

While Christian Grey may have blind-folded Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, Three in A Shed goes one step further.

In a scene that takes inspiration from Titanic, a hand is seen running down the shed’s steamy window; while later a woman is pictured fondling a larger than-average marrow.

Three in a Shed is the climax to the best-selling erotic 'trowel-ogy' by Colin Trevor Grey, following Fifty Sheds of Grey and Fifty Sheds Damper.

The passionate gardener and amateur shed owner’s first book outsold Fifty Shades of Grey  in the first three weeks of December 2012.


The parody trailer may come as a welcome surprise to some Fifty Shades fans who were let down by the film’s first trailer, labelling it Fifty Shades of Tame.

Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey in the film, recently admitted there will be no “gratuitous” sex scenes in the movie.

Three in A Shed's release will not coincide with Valentine's Day, but can be bought in time for Christmas.

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