Golden Globes 2016: Jennifer Lawrence tells reporter off for using his phone - but was it a joke?

"You can't just live your life behind a phone, bro"

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Jennifer Lawrence appeared to have a stern word with a journalist who was using his phone during her winner's press conference at last night's Golden Globes.

The actress - who won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for David O. Russell film Joy - was speaking to a crowded room of reporters backstage when the moment occurred.

The journalist in question was Juan Pablo Fernandez-Feo who was covering the LA event for E! Latin America.

As he began to ask his question, Lawrence interrupted, wagging her finger at him, saying, "You can't just live your life behind your phone, bro. You can't do that - you've got to live in the now."

As the crowd laughed, Fernandez-Feo apologised before continuing: "How do you see yourself for Oscar night?"

Interrupting him again, Lawrence said, "We're at the Golden Globes; if you put your phone down, you'd know that."

It is believed the reporter, who can be heard speaking with a strong accent, was reading a question from his phone.

While the reason behind the phone usage is uncertain, the reporter's Twitter account is full of retweets slamming the actress' actions.

Was this one joke too far for the actress?

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