Watch Hans Zimmer melt faces at Coachella with the Inception score

Including classic jam 'Dream is Collapsing'

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On the line-up among chart-toppers and Pitchfork darlings at Coachella this year was super-composer Hans Zimmer, who nabbed an evening slot on the main stage backed by a full orchestra.

The crowd seemed pretty hyped to see Hans shred over some of his most notable scores, which included movements from the Inception (that chunky riff starts at around 2:20), The Dark Knight Rises, The Thin Red Line and Gladiator soundtracks (though this isn't particularly evident in the video as the crowd sound was turned down).

Zimmer's oeuvre got a kind of prog rock reworking live, with added electric guitar and thumping percussion.

The composer is currently targeting the geek dollar with a tour across the US.

Live performances of film scores are becoming increasingly popular, with Jonny Greenwood having performed his work on There Will Be Blood several times now in the UK.

Kendrick Lamar closed Coachella on Sunday night, you can watch excerpts from his performance here.