Kingsman 2: Julianne Moore in talks to take over from Samuel L Jackson as villain

Taron Egerton and Matthew Vaughn are returning for the sequel to 2014's hit spy parody

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How does one follow-up on a villain played by the great Samuel L. Jackson? Where do you travel to, from such lofty heights?

Julianne Moore. There's your answer, and it's Moore who's in talks to succeed Jackson as the antagonist of Kingsman: The Secret Service 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Filming is set to commence in May, with star Taron Egerton hinting the production is will become a rather international affair, which is perhaps how Moore's villain could become interlinked in the action. 

Jackson's Richmond Valentine played upstart, nouveau riche billionaire pitched against the aristocratic Kingsman order, fostering plans to use a violence-inducing broadcast signal to cause a massive culling of the human race. 

Egerton is confirmed to return as Eggsy. Obvious reasons may abstain Colin Firth's Harry Hart from returning; and though director Matthew Vaughn did hint he may be able to work something out for the gentleman's spy, THR now believes those hopes have been subdued.  

Kingsman 2 is set for a US release on 16 June 2017, though there's no confirmation on when the film will be released in the UK.