Logan has pre-film teaser rather than post credit scene - description

No rumoured Stan Lee, unfortunately

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Logan has finally reached cinemas around the world, revealing the secret teaser attached to the film. 

Where, as has become a superhero film tradition, an additional post-credits scene would tease a sequel/spin-off/Nick Fury.

However, the third Wolverine outing has gone against this, with no clip coming after the credits roll.

Instead, a snippet teasing an upcoming feature film precedes the film. If you want to stay in the dark, don’t read ahead, as we reveal what happens in the teaser clip. **Spoilers for pre-film teaser below**

Still here? Well, you’re in for a treat, as a teaser for Deadpool 2 plays out ahead of Logan, rather than being a post-credit scene. 

In the clip we see an un-suited Wade Wilson, wearing a hoody, walk past some thugs attempting to rob a civilian. The anti-hero - played by Ryan Reynolds - says “Not on my watch,” before entering a phone box to get changed into the Deadpool suit.

A minute of Wilson struggling to get everything on ensures while the Superman theme music plays, before a shot is heard and Deadpool - now suited - runs from the phone box. 

When he finally arrives to save the day, the man has been shot, and Deadpool stands overhead and admits “to be honest, I should have just called 911.” He then rests on the body and eats ice cream. In total the clip lasts just under three minutes.

Logan Clip

Meanwhile, Logan director James Mangold has revealed that a black and white version of the film is currently “in the works.” Logan is in cinemas now.