Finally, after months of waiting — long, unforgiving waiting — the trailer for Sony’s The Emoji Movie has finally touched down!

(Disclaimer: unfortunately, The Independent website cannot handle emoji, so this article comes in real words! But with lots of exclamation marks to make up for the technical error!)

Yes, the world can finally hear Sir Patrick Stewart as an emoji poop! Deadpool's T.J. Miller as an exuberant ‘meh’ face! James Corden as Hi-5! And Anna Faris as Jailbreak! Marketing madness!

The Emoji Movie centres on Miller’s 'meh' emoji who discovers that — unlike the other emoji stuck in the same kid's phone — can make multiple faces that aren't just 'meh'! Exciting!

Of course, this angers the other emoji (booooooo) who cast out the loveable character, leading to a rag-tag bunch of misfits working together to become useable emoji once more! And they have to play Candy Crush! Sponsorship!

Wow! That does not sound like Wreck It Ralph at all! Directed by Tony Leondis — who also wrote the film — The Emoji Movie reaches cinemas 28 July! Yey.