There's a new (old) sheriff in town... Arnie's back


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He said he'd be back – and he is. Or at least he will be, next year, in a film called The Last Stand. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns a decade since his last proper leading role in a film that does not appear to have stretched his talents. As a moth-eaten sheriff in a sleepy border town, the unfaithful Austrian meathead and former Governor of California becomes the only man who can stop a tooled-up drugs cartel from making it to Mexico.

There are guns, of course, but will we be rewarded with a new addition to the Arnie book of catch phrases ("You're fired"; "I'll drive"; "hasta la vista, baby")?

Not judging by the first trailer which has dropped online. As well as a few jokes about his age (65), the closest Schwarzenegger comes is: "I've seen enough blood and death. I know what's coming." And: "I'm not going to let that guy come through our town without a fight." Perhaps they're saving the good stuff...