Watch Disney princesses singing in their native languages

'Let It Go' in Norwegian? Yes please.

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For many of us, the rousing songs sung by Disney princesses are synonymous with our childhoods. But what if they were performed in the characters’ native tongues, rather than in English?

Thankfully, YouTube channel Movie Munchies has translated some of the classic numbers into their original languages.

Now, you can enjoy Ariel singing “Part of That World” in Danish, Mulan musing on her reflection in Mandarin, Elsa bellowing “Let It Go” in Norwegian, Jasmine being wowed on that magic carpet ride in Arabic and Tangleds Rapunzel and Flynn ‘seeing the light’ in German.

Then, if you’re still wanting more from all things fairytale, there’s a second video featuring Belle and Aurora singing in French, Snow White whistling while she works in German and Meg refusing to admit she’s in love with Hercules in Greek.

If you think this might ruin the magic, think again but sadly, Disney doesn’t exactly go in for realism. Disney princesses have been repeatedly criticised for presenting unattainable beauty standards to little girls, with eyes larger than their wrists and ridiculously tiny waists.

New princess Moana will be introduced in a self-titled film coming out later this year but, despite being the adventurous daughter of a Polynesian chief, we somehow doubt she’ll be singing in Samoan.