A beginner’s guide to David Cameron’s favourite, Gillian Welch


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Gillian Welch has joined a list of musicians – including The Smiths, Lana Del Rey and Band of Horses – unfortunate enough to get the seal of approval from David Cameron.

Music manager Peter Mensch, husband of Louise, told The Sunday Times Magazine about being introduced to the PM at a reception. "I tell him what I do and who I manage and he goes, 'Gillian Welch? We love Gillian Welch'! He won't stop talking about her."

Welch is a 45-year-old Grammy-winning musician from Nashville who specialises in a blend of Americana, bluegrass and country. The Independent's Andy Gill awarded her most recent album, last year's The Harrow and the Harvest, five stars, commenting on its "heartbreaking melodies" and "haunting beauty". The anecdote (and Cameron's rumoured attendance at a concert) might dampen the spirits of anyone who thought the PM's surprisingly decent taste in music was no more than a successful PR coup.