Best World Cup songs from We Are One to Rik Mayall's Noble England

We round-up the best songs to emerge from the 2014 Brazilian World Cup

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It's a title that garners global recognition (or notoriety) and an opportunity that only comes around every four years- singing the "official" World Cup song is no small feat.

So it may come as no surprise that once the crown has been gifted, there are still a number of artists clamouring to be heard. From parody to cringe-inducing seriousness, with a few gems thrown in between, their songs are all focused on the football tournament.

And this year the offering is huge. From 2010 World Cup songstress Shakira to blasts from the past (that means you Monty Python), to Kelly Rowland and Lily Allen, there's a tune for everyone, especially if you're not too keen on Pitbull's creepily seductive tones.

And you thought it was just about the football...

Here's a round-up of this year's World Cup songs:

We Are One (Ole Ola) - Pitbull feat. Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte

If you haven't heard this by now that's quite an accomplishment. The trio performed it at the opening ceremony, with Lopez and Leitte clad in sparkly all-in-ones and Pitbull wearing some very memorable white trousers. But the song is said to have disappointed many Brazilians, who think it sounds too generic for the country’s Bossa Nova fans and features foreign musicians singing primarily in English and Spanish.

La La La (Brazil 2014) -Shakira feat. Carlinhos Brown

Her 2010 hit "Waka Waka" has sold 1.7 million digital downloads since the last World Cup. And this altered version of the original "Dare (La La La)" is typically catchy, with improvised lines including "hear the whistle, kick the ball" and "in Rio we play, like we dance".

Zinedine Zidane - Vaudeville Smash feat. Les Murray

This song by the Melbourne pop group is a tribute to the retired French footballer. It mainly consists of a list of footballers' names- none of whom can outplay the "superstar" that is Zinedine Zidane. It probably wouldn't go down too well in host country Brazil...

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python

As a nation, Britain is known for its pessimistic patriotism when it comes to the World Cup. Football fans have long found comfort in this stoic tune penned by Eric Idle for the final sequence of The Life of Brian in 1979. And now it features a new verse specifically for Brazil 2014: “When you're in the World Cup/ And all your hopes are up/ And everybody wants their team to win. Then they go and let you down/ And come slinking back to town/ It's time for this daft song to begin.”

The Game - Kelly Rowland

This is from the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game album, with the theme of "overcoming challenges and finding your voice". The message is a good one, the song not so much - but the drums and whistles might get you in the mood.

Noble England - Rik Mayall

A 2010 throwback, this World Cup anthem has edged its way back into the charts after a social media campaign was launched following the tragic death of The Young Ones star. Mayall’s track includes lines “respectfully taken” from Shakespeare’s Henry V (“Once more unto the pitch, dear friends”) and is set against a catchy football chant.

Bass Like Home - Lily Allen

There's no doubt that the singer did a brilliant job on the John Lewis Christmas advert, but we don't think Fifa will be calling anytime soon. Her lyrics hark back to patriotic songs including "Jerusalem" and "Rule Britannia" but the "bass like home" pun is a step too far.

Greatest Day - Gary Barlow

Luck ran out for pop's golden boy when the FA decided to drop his song as the national anthem for Brazil. Featuring Gary Lineker and 20 celebrities, the track was originally going to be released as a World Cup single in June.

World Cup Song: Brazil 2014 -Joe Weller

The well-known YouTube blogger has amassed over 2 million hits for his track about the "football capital of the world"; the video sees him attired in the kits of different nations.

The World is Ours - Coca-Cola feat. David Correy

This carnival-inspired tune focuses on how football connects people from all over the world - "seven billion stars". Vocalist Correy is a former X Factor USA contestant.