Caught in the Net: A first album from a minimalist master

Listen: Kit Grill's minimalist electronica offering, 'Still'

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Kit Grill came to my attention a few weeks back with his excellent EP Expressions, released through his own label Primary Colours. Now signed to GetMe!, the electronic musician/ producer's debut album Mirror Image, is arriving in November. You can get a flavour of the new record below, in the form of one track streaming there called “Still”, a gorgeous dash of minimalist electronica that had me hitting repeat endlessly. You can also find Kit at the online music station NTS, where he hosts a monthly show at

Hynes returns to his roots

I was fond of the first album from Dev Hynes' latest incarnation Blood Orange released in 2011, all lazy grooves and sleek 1980s-infused R&B pop. He returns now with the second album from the project: called Cupid Deluxe, the record will be released before the end of the year. Last week, Hynes dropped the first single from the record. “Chamakay” is available now on iTunes and with backing vocals from Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, it doubles down on the sounds of the first record. There's a video too, filmed in Guyana, which shows Hynes meeting his 92-year-old grandfather, sightseeing and hanging out with the locals. See it at

O'Rourke shares his early work online

Recently I wrote about the band Sunn O))) putting their musical archive on Bandcamp; this week a similar archival dump emerges from a more unlikely source. While equally as experimental as the aforementioned band, the prolific musician/producer/visual artist Jim O'Rourke has previously refused to allow the release of some of his solo albums as digital downloads, but now he's put eight albums worth of rare material on Bandcamp at Entitled Steamroom 1-8, it's a tranche of older small-scale releases and unreleased recordings; each one can be downloaded for $7 (or streamed on the site). Elsewhere, the musician whose work expands across the avant-garde, rock, electronica, jazz and beyond also has a new a track on a forthcoming ambient compilation from Air Texture. Hear the soundscape “Low Bow” at