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Larry Ryan is Deputy Editor of The Independent Magazine. He has previously worked on the Home News desk and the website of The Independent and he writes the "Caught in the Net" music column for the paper's arts magazine, Radar.

Travel special 2014: Hit the pause button on the rail'n'sail route

I start by making some calculations to soothe myself. Using the Rail & Sail combo route from London via Holyhead to Dublin takes nine or so hours; to fly between the two cities takes 50 minutes – but a few hours have to be added on for the to-ing, fro-ing and faffing at airports. A one-way rail/sail ticket costs about 30 quid all in – a flight is double that, unless you're very organised or lucky. Even if you're very disorganised, the rail/sail option can be bought just before you travel at no extra cost.

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Caught in the Net: Arcade's epic single is a two-video affair

Arcade Fire's new song, the title track from the October-released fourth LP Reflektor, is a suitably big affair; it prompted Pitchfork to quip that it's so epic, it has two videos – one a monochrome effort directed by Anton Corbijn (, the other an interactive extravaganza ( The song itself is a bouncy number, with dance-like textures that may in part be a result of James Murphy being in the production booth. David Bowie is on backing vocals, which is nice.

Weekend workout: Join the club... Playboy Bunny Bootcamp

These days Playboy is much more than a top-shelf nudie mag; it’s a lifestyle brand peddling everything from trashy television to keyrings. No surprise, then, that it’s moved into fitness, partnering with Gymbox to create Playboy Bunny Bootcamp. Perhaps a jaunt to Harley Street is the swiftest way to get a body like Hugh Hefner’s latest wife but this new 45 minute work-out promises to “help women achieve their Bunny Beautiful body.”

Caught in the net: Glasser loves to share her pared-down beats

US electronic artist/singer Glasser released one of the standout debuts of 2010 with her song-cycle LP Ring. The singer, real name Cameron Mesirow (pictured), returns shortly with the follow-up record, Interiors released on 7 October. The album's opening track has been shared at; “Shape” finds Glasser in restrained form, with her vocals and brand of electro-pop pared back and downbeat. Elsewhere Mesirow has been offering up 15-second snippets of other tracks from Interiors using the video function of Instagram. The brief excerpts have appeared on her own account – – and through those of other sites including The Fader, Nowness and NME.