Let me ask you this: 'What does it feel like to cancel your wedding?'

I met Stephen when I was at university. A few years older than myself, he was a junior doctor at the local hospital (friend-of-a-friend type thing). I was bowled over by what I thought was his charm and sophistication; I later came to realise that he was manipulative and cold – but more of that later.

Blink and you’ll miss it marriages

As the world comes to terms with the shock split of Kim Kardashian and basketball star Kris Humphries just 10-weeks after their star-studded televised wedding, takes a look at a few other blink and you’ll miss it celebrity marriages.


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Weddings are the talk of the nation this spring. But our sugar-coated fantasies shouldn't blind us to the fact that it's the vows that really count, argues Peter Stanford

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Staging romantic liaisons with her husband often felt silly, and sometimes a bit of a chore. But could it put the magic back into Heidi Scrimgeour's relationship?

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Make the most of your wedding photographer

This is a day that will never be repeated, so you need someone who can capture the best moments without cutting anyone's head off or giving you 'red eye'. Wedding experts offer a few extra tips for getting what you want from your pictures.

The facts of life: marriage

The number of marriages in England and Wales that were the first marriage for both partners peaked in 1940 at 426,100 when 91 per cent of all marriages were the first for both partners. This number has since fallen to 144,120 in 2006, accounting for 61 per cent of all marriages.

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You can make love to the same person for the rest of your life in a million different ways, places and situations. Here are some foreplay tips for familiar lovers and some great ideas for just about anyone.

You are invited to our Vegas wedding...

When Peaches Geldof decided to spring a surprise wedding on her family, there was only one place to go. So what are the odds on her marriage lasting? Tim Walker and Chris Green study the form