Mary Dejevsky Lord Oakeshott resigns from Lib Dems: Clegg is a leader with a good

Any political defeat brings the knives out. And a defeat that was, on the face of it, as comprehensive as the one suffered by the Liberal Democrats in the latest local and European elections was bound to prompt recriminations and the infighting at which the Liberal Democrats have long excelled. With a prominent peer, Matthew Oakeshott, commissioning his own polling from the sidelines and the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, called upon for periodic interventions from China, the Lib Dems’ post-election melee has taken on the theatricality of a radio farce.  

Janet Street-Porter Poverty is exploited by food giants

I have sinned. The other night I ate a mackerel. A nice juicy specimen, purchased from Carricks fish stall in Ripon market. Slashed, stuffed with preserved lemon, and baked. Delicious, but, according to the Marine Conservation Society, this humble superfood must be shunned by anybody who cares about our planet. Mackerel has been declared an endangered species along with pandas, snow leopards, cod and turbot. It has simply become too popular – and too much is being caught off the Faroe Islands and Iceland. The Marine Conservation Society says it's OK to eat it "occasionally", which I find patronising.

David Lister David Lister: A bit of Barenboim and home in time for Boyle: perfect

Last night, I was able to attend one of the best Proms of the season, Daniel Barenboim conducting Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and get home in time to watch the Olympics opening ceremony on TV. Roger Wright, head of the Proms, is having a triumphant season so far. But I count as one of his small triumphs scheduling the Ninth for an early start and finish so that concert goers could watch that and a key moment of the Olympics.

John Walsh John Walsh: Do we want novels written by the readers?

Forget Ana Steele and Christian Grey – the relationship between books and the internet gets weirder and more intense all the time. Yesterday we heard that the book in which these characters first appear – Fifty Shades of Grey – had become the fastest adult paperback novel to hit a million sales.