Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter is a writer, broadcaster and former editor of The Independent on Sunday. She writes a weekly column for The Independent. Appearing regularly on TV shows including Question Time and Loose Women, and having presented series on subjects as diverse as walking, cooking and architecture, she has won several TV awards including a Bafta for originality and the Prix Italia. She has written two memoirs, Baggage and Fall Out, and had a bestseller with Life's Too F***ing Short. Having originally studied architecture, she has commissioned two houses by leading architects. She is an honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Janet Street-Porter Trump shouldn't treat Australia as the enemy, but as an ally

Australia also has its own problems with radical Islamists who frequent mosques in the poorer inner city areas and who have committed some appalling acts of brutality on innocent citizens. To treat Australia as an enemy rather that a country which has a lot of the same problems as you do seems rather short-sighted to say the least

Janet Street-Porter Why Ed Balls should become Labour leader

Ed was always more than a Labour policy wonk who bored interviewers into submission by droning on endlessly like a stuck record: super-brainy, he had the backstory of overcoming a chronic stammer and admitted to crying when he heard The Sound of Music

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