Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter is a writer, broadcaster and former editor of The Independent on Sunday. She writes a weekly column for The Independent. Appearing regularly on TV shows including Question Time and Loose Women, and having presented series on subjects as diverse as walking, cooking and architecture, she has won several TV awards including a Bafta for originality and the Prix Italia. She has written two memoirs, Baggage and Fall Out, and had a bestseller with Life's Too F***ing Short. Having originally studied architecture, she has commissioned two houses by leading architects. She is an honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The traditional notions of gender are dead

As talk of transgender issues moves into the mainstream, with high profile stars like Caitlyn Jenner and former boxing manager Kellie (previously Frank) Maloney, the old formal ways of addressing each other seem redundant. I wonder how Caitlyn and Kelly fill in a pompous official form? 

We have a masculinity problem in politics

In politics, unlike real life, changing your mind is seen as a sign of weakness, whereas women have known for years that compromise is a way of getting things done

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