Caught in the Net: This is the dawning of the app of Aquarius

And Patrick Flegel returns after Women trouble ends

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The English Riviera was a great art-pop leap forward for Metronomy and its creative force Joe Mount (pictured). Nearly three years later, Mount will follow that LP with the UK band's new record Love Letters, released in March next year. The album's first single was previewed this week with "I'm Aquarius" streaming at and on Soundcloud at In keeping with the song's title, the track is also being made available through an app called The Night Sky, which involves scanning the sky for the Aquarius constellation to unlock the song. Or something like that. It seems like too much work for my lazy bones. Regardless, the song is good, which is what matters, right? While far more sparse than much of the previous album's efforts, it still maintains a lovely pop sheen with Mount singing over a barely-there electronic click and memorable doo-wop/R'n'B-like backing vocals. It will be interesting to see where Mount steers Metronomy next.

Flegel returns after Women trouble ends

Canadian Patrick Flegel put out some great music with his band Women, including the fantastic LP Public Strain in 2010 before the band was beset by troubles, eventually winding down. Flegel's new project is called Androgynous Mind, made with a fellow called Morgan Cook. They have a new EP, Nightstalker, out on 9 December. Two songs from the five-track record are available at and The chiming guitar drones and Flegel's distant vocals are familiar from his previous band though things move at a slower pace than Women's artrock styles.

February's the time for an album called July

The prolific American folk-singer Marissa Nadler has a new album on way, which clocks in as about her eighth record release since 2004 The new LP is called July but will be released in February. It's preceded by the gorgeous new single "Dead City Emily", which perfectly calibrates Nadler's blend of baroque yet restrained vocals, understated folk and dash of dream pop soundscapes. Hear it at

Take a peek at classic live performances of the past

YouTube has flexed its music muscles by hosting an awards show – including an exceptional live performance/video by Arcade Fire at One of the joys of the website is its archive of music videos and performances. recently collated a great list – 10 Full-Length Concerts Available on YouTube – including those by Tom Jones, Charlie Mingus, Run DMC and Dolly Parton. Find it at