Caught in the Net: Sister act from the dark side


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London-based sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow, who trade under the name 2:54, released their debut album last week.

The self-titled LP by the up-and-coming duo knows its way around some doom-laden art rock; hints of shoegaze and Jesus and Mary Chain abound; there are plenty of black-leather jackets to be seen too. To mark the record’s release, Colette Thurlow put together a short playlist on Spotify, with sounds ranging from Nico and Patti Smith to Mastodon and Blouse, alongside a Wild Beats remix of a 2:54 track. “This mix should be listened to at night,” advises Colette.

Here's what Colette had to say about it:

"This is a mix of music I've been listening to lately and songs I always return to. Blouse are a recent discovery, sometimes a track just hits you at the perfect time, Into Black was on heavy rotation in the van on our last tour. I'm also obsessed with the Miracle track, 'The Visitor', I love the melody and layering. Then there's Nico who I've always been fascinated with, her voice is unique, there's something courageous about it and of course Patti Smith who still sounds like the future. This mix should be listened to at night."

Listen to the playlist below....

This vampire's not scared of sunshine

Vampire Weekend bass man Chris Baio has a new solo EP out, streaming through The Fader at at and available to buy on iTunes. The three-track record comes with the appropriate title Sunburn: its low-key electro-dance sound calls to mind the summer haze and wistful feel of chillwave (remember that?) combined with the more uptempo, new-fangled Balearic mood of the likes of electro producer John Talabot.

Oh No puts his faith in dollars

Californian rapper/ producer Oh No's forthcoming album on Stones Throw, Ohnomite, is based around samples from Rudy Ray Moore's soundtrack to the 1975 blaxploitation film Dolemite. Hear samples from the record and get the MP3s ahead of its official June release on the Stones Throw website at Meantime, lead-off single "3 Dollars" – it's being released as a five-inch vinyl single – finds Oh No sparring with esteemed rapper DOOM over some of those aforementioned sounds to fine effect. Listen to the track in full at

Carr's long and winding road

Martin Carr, he of the Boo Radleys, Brave Captain and beyond has put out a new EP. The two-track effort – "Sailor / I Will Build a Road" – is streaming on Bandcamp at, where it can also be downloaded for £2. Of the two sounds, to my ears, the almost six minutes long, slowly unfurling, sonically inventive ballad "I Will Build a Road" is the standout.