Christmas 2014: Six Christmas songs to stream on Spotify

Get all soppy with our pick of the best Christmas songs

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I Believe in Father Christmas - Mark Kozelek

A stunning cover of the melancholy song from festive staple A Charlie Brown Christmas. If the guitar arpeggios don’t make you sob, you don’t deserve December.

Joy to the World - Earth Wind and Fire

An ecstatic disco explosion perfect for hiking up those serotonin levels in advance of/post any relatives encounter/Christmas soap watching.

Christmas Time in London Town - Nina and Frederik

This delightful track appears on “Songs For a London Winter”, a new compilation of rare Sixties seasonal songs, and is everything that shopping on Oxford Street isn’t, basically.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Idina Menzel

A comfortingly glossy number from the Broadway superstar who voiced Frozen’s Elsa that will placate any little ones ratchety between their 1035th and 1036th viewing of the Disney animation.

The Gifts They Gave - Johnny Cash

In which the Man in Black lends the Nativity story a delightful mid-Western twang. And if you want more of this type of thing, it’s on new compilation album An Americana Christmas.

This Ain’t New Jersey - Smith and Burrows

This rollicking tale of a Christmas barney (think a cuddlier “Fairytale of New York”) was originally released in 2011, and it’s about time it secured Christmas anthem status.