Cultural Life: Annie Lennox, Singer

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A terrible admission I know, but I listen to music very rarely. I love the process of creating music. That's where I come alive. Sometimes, almost randomly, I do stumble upon something that really intrigues me, and I rediscover the power of it all over again.


The last three were 'Up', 'Fantastic Mr Fox', and 'A Christmas Carol'. New animation technology rules! Finally I saw 'Bruno'. I found a lot of it disquieting, as opposed to offensively hilarious. 'Gran Torino' was a small masterpiece.


Satish Kumar's latest gem 'Earth Pilgrim' is an inspirational piece of wisdom. 'Half the Sky' by Nicholas D Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is about turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide.


A friend took me to see 'War Horse', and I remembered how transfixing the theatre could be. I'd barely been to the theatre since the Seventies, when I sneaked in to see Lindsay Kemp perform his version of Jean Genet's 'Our Lady of the Flowers'.

Annie Lennox receives the Freedom of the City of London followed by a 'Tribute to Annie Lennox' concert at London's Guildhall on 1 December, with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross.