Cultural Life: Paloma Faith, musician

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I've been listening to Rufus Wainwright, 'Want One', the Noisettes 'Wild Young Hearts' and Nina Simone, 'Released'. I dug out Sade's 'Lovers Rock', too, recently, which is really good.


I'm reading 'Platform' by Michel Houellebecq. I haven't got that far into it but it is quite existential. At the moment it's reminding me of 'The Outsider' by Albert Camus. The main character seems quite amoral and unphased by the extremities of life. Before that, I was reading 'The Woman Who Walked Into Doors' by Roddy Doyle.


I recently saw 'Antichrist' and then regretted going. I think it's an amazing film – Charlotte Gainsbourg is an incredible actress. Her performance is mind-blowing, but it is extremely disturbing.

Visual arts

I went to see 'Walking in My Mind' at the Hayward Gallery, which was brilliant. It was really inspirational for me because I use quite a lot of scenography in my performances. Each room had an installation in it, so it was really good for set ideas. Before that I went to see Jeff Koons at the Serpentine Gallery.

Paloma Faith's debut album 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?', is out on 28 September