Cultural Life: Tulisa of N-Dubz, singer

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Music: My favourite track at the moment is "Rescue Me" by Skepta. I'm also really happy Kate Nash is back. I respect female artists who write their own music like I do with N-Dubz. I'm listening to everything from The Prodigy to old-school Madonna. On my iPod I've got a massive selection from grime and garage to modern R&B.

Films: I watched a couple of good films on my laptop in my hotel room when we were on tour. 'Law Abiding Citizen' is about a man, played by Gerard Butler, who takes justice into his own hands after his wife and daughter are killed. He goes on a vengeful rampage – but strangely, I wanted him to get away with it. I was really scared watching 'Paranormal Activity' because the person I was watching it with fell asleep. I've had a few freaky spiritual experiences myself but not as extreme as being dragged out of bed.

Books: I'm a massive Martina Cole fan. I read everything she brings out. I've just read 'The Jump' but I love them all. Some people say all her books are so similar that they get boring – but I relate to the gritty storylines of the London gangster underworld and local boys on council estates because it's the lifestyle I grew up around. I was a bit nervous about delving into a new author but I've just got into James Patterson's thriller novels about the forensic psychologist Alex Cross. The earlier ones, 'Along Came a Spider' and 'Kiss the Girls' are just as gripping as the later ones.

Theatre: I saw Martina Cole's 'Two Women' at the Theatre Royal Stratford East in February. I could tell a lot of the people in the audience were shocked by the grittiness. But that's what entertainment is all about – getting a reaction.

N-Dubz's single "We Dance On", from the 'Streetdance 3D' movie, is out on Sunday