Fantast band: Jono Ma, Jagwar Ma

'Billie Holiday just glides and floats over the chaos'

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Drums: Jaki Liebezeit

The man behind the infectious and revolutionary rhythms of Can. He's like a human drum machine with soul programmed into him. I imagine he'd actually be quite versatile and a great musician to work with.

Bass: James Jamerson

It's no coincidence that Jamerson performed on more number one hits than any person in music history. His tone is unrivalled. I'd be fascinated to see how he would lock with Jaki's grooves: Motown meets Krautrock.

Rhythm Guitar: David Williams

I don't know much about this guy, but he was referred to as the secret spice in Michael Jackson's recordings. His sound is that percussive afro-funk-style guitar. His riffs on the demo of “Don't Stop Till You Get Enough” are all I need.

Lead guitar: Jimi Hendrix

I don't care how obvious it is, no one is better. It might take a bit of time to reel Jimi back down from Venus, but he played in Little Richard's band, for the Isley Brothers, and Ike and Tina, so Jimi knew how to sit in the pocket and tear a hole in the sky.

Vocals: Billie Holiday

No one has the blues like Billie. She has a really limited range but so much to say, so much pain and happiness, all in the same voice. She just glides and floats over whatever chaos is around her.

Jagwar Ma play Unknown Croatia, 10-14 September, Their new album, 'Howlin', is out now