Fantasy Band: Aimee Mann

'My husband is a very underrated guitarist'

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Vocals: Colin Blunstone

I've always thought The Zombies' frontman had the greatest voice. He's a powerful singer and, although his tone is velvety, it's got a little bit of grit. He's very technically adept but he's got a lot of soul.

Drums: Levon Helm

He's widely regarded by every musician I know as a wonderfully rootsy drummer but with a really great feel. I hate using the word "pocket" but I'm going to use it anyway; he has a great pocket. And also he seemed like a great guy.

Bass: Paul McCartney

It's kind of an obvious choice but he's the greatest player ever. Great feel, but beautifully melodic and interesting in parts. He's an awesome musician.

Guitar: Michael Penn and Bonnie Raitt

Michael Penn is my husband and he is very underrated as a guitar player. The things that he chooses to play, are very interesting. I'd also like Bonnie Raitt because she has that more rootsy, country, languid sound and plays a lot of slide.

Keyboard: Elton John

He's just a fantastic rhythm player with a lot of muscularity. His playing is beautiful but there's a lot of strength throughout it too.

Aimee Mann's new album, 'Charmer', is out now