Fantasy band: Charlotte Church

'James Murphy would be handy to have around...'

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Drums: Greg Saunier

He is the most inventive, clever, bombastic drummer I've heard lately. What he does with Deerhoof, the seamless changes in time signature and patterns, is magic to me. I saw them in Birmingham recently and they blew my socks off.

Bass: Colin Greenwood

His playing in Radiohead is incredible. I can't think of anyone else who plays like him; he has a certain indefinable feel and he never takes the easy way out. He's also melodic but rhythmically interesting, too – an awesome player.

Guitar: Jeff Buckley

He could do some backing vocals, maybe just sing a few songs. He's got a particular style, the chordal places he goes to are always beautiful but he can play viscerally as well. I love the choices he makes as a guitarist.

Keys: James Murphy

My first thought was Nancy Whang, and she's an amazing musician who I'd love to work with, but then I remembered that James Murphy did most of the recordings. The synth lines on Sound Of Silver are some of my favourites ever. He'd be handy to have around. He's pretty versatile.

Electionics: Will Wiesenfeld

Baths' rhythms are really interesting, and he has such a great way with electronic sounds and samples to make atmospheres. I reckon he knows his way around a drum machine! It would be amazing to have him program stuff too.

Charlotte Church's UK tour starts 19 September,