Fantasy Band: Eugene McGuinness

'Keith Richards is my favourite guitarist. It's amazing he's still walking'

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Drums: Keith Moon

I've been listening to "Eminence Front" by The Who a lot lately. Actually the band has been a recent discovery for me. I'm also fascinated by a secret club that he was involved with, The Hollywood Vampires. People like John Lennon, George Harrison, Harry Nilsson and Keith Richards were all members. They were a drinking club that met up whenever they were in LA, and I've kind of used them as inspiration for the band.

Rhythm guitar: Keith Richards

He's probably my favourite guitarist and it's impressive that he's still walking. I just think he's unique.

Lead guitar: George Harrison

I love his guitar playing but I'd want him to be on songwriting duties here, too; I'm obsessed with his album All Things Must Pass and especially the song from it, "What is Life".

Bass: Rick Danko

He played in The Band and if you listen to his playing, there's no one else like him. He played the bass in a really mad way. He also played on a few Dylan records and with Neil Young, and he had this really weird, clumsy way of playing that I love.

Vocals: Harry Nilsson

I have chosen him mainly because of his song "Jump into the Fire". His vocal on that is ridiculous; it's wild. I can't remember how I found out about it. It's a mental song and his voice gets increasingly out there.

Eugene McGuinness' new album 'The Invitation to the Voyage' is released 6 August on Domino Records