Fantasy band: Fran Healy, Travis

'Whenever I hear Adam Ant it's a primal thing – he's a great singer'

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Drums: Levon Helm

He's a great singer as well, which would come in handy. You just have to watch any live performance of The Band to see why I've chosen him. He has got a really good feel and he's simple; he doesn't do anything too complicated. I think maybe because he also has to concentrate on his singing.

Bass: Trevor Bolder

He was in David Bowie's band. I like sympathetic bassists who are melodic. Both Bolder and Helm were sympathetic as well as having their own voice. Sadly, he died earlier this year.

Guitar: Thom Yorke

He's not the main guitarist in Radiohead, but I think his guitar playing is overlooked. I happen to think that he could probably be the best shredder in that band. I'm sure Jonny Greenwood would agree. I doubt Thom would be happy about this, though. This gives me another great backing singer, too.

Piano: Randy Newman

He could be the occasional pianist. He's brilliant and, again, so melodic. You need something to tame Thom's angular shredding.

Vocals: Adam Ant

When I was a kid and I heard his wailing voice on "Prince Charming", it awakened something in me. Whenever I hear it, it has the same effect on me. It's a primal thing. He's a great singer.

Travis' new album, 'Where You Stand', is out now